The Joy of Making Love

We love to read -- and we love to read about sex! Beginning with furtive forays into the "good parts" of the Bible (Old Testament tales of sexual desire, love, adultery, incest and the juicy eroticism of the Song of Solomon), continuing with pirated copies of Peyton Place, Candy and Lolita and, ultimately, moving on to more mature explorations into the nature and diversity of human sexuality -- reading has been a profound way to learn and explore about sex.

We first discovered the ecstatic possibilities of sex through a book, Margo Anand's The Art of Sexual Ecstasy. And, as you will see, through many more books after that. "Regular sex" was quite nice, of course, but exploring the realms of ecstatic sexuality has changed our lives.

Think of the books on these pages as a mini-bookstore -- and all the books are about ecstatic sexuality! Books for men, books for women, books on eroticism and desire, intimate relationships, sacred sexuality, sexual healing, and much more.

These are books that have taught us much about ourselves, and about what is possible. If you don't know something exists, you can't explore it except by happy accident. We've sought out the best guides to help you experience and explore your own ecstatic sexuality. And the finest of erotic art, erotic fiction and erotic poetry, for your enjoyment.

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