Erotic Fiction

What is "erotic fiction?" Is it the same as erotica? Is is porn?

The books listed in this section are those we've found in some way delightful, so this is a collection of favorites, not a proposal for a canon. The subareas may be loosely differentiated as follows.

Erotic literature here means literary fiction that is character- and plot-driven and aspires to good writing AND that has what was once euphemistically termed "good parts." Good parts are scenes of especially compelling lovemaking; eroticized relationships; and a general willingness to include the erotic as a dynamic in the story.

Graphic novels and comics are popular subgenre that utilizes drawings and sketches to extensively illustrate the story.

Erotica are works whose primary and compelling focus is the erotic. The intention is to arouse the reader. Those included in our list are classics of this genre. These are juicy books, full of joyful and playful eroticism. Enjoy!

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