Active Meditation by Osho and Others

"If you want to live a more fulfilled life, first you will want to know your potential, who you really are. Meditation is the route to that knowing. It is the methodology of the science of awareness.

The beauty of the inner science is that it enables whoever wants to explore and to experiment within, to do so alone. This eliminates dependence on an outer authority, the need to be affiliated with any organization and the obligation to accept a certain ideology. Once you understand the steps, you walk the walk in your own, individual way.

Many meditative techniques require one to sit still and silent. But for most of us accumulated stress in our bodymind makes that difficult. Before we can hope to access our inner powerhouse of consciousness, we need to let go of our tensions. Osho Active Meditations have been scientifically designed by Osho over a period of time to enable us to consciously express and experience repressed feelings and emotions, and learn the knack of watching our habitual patterns in a new way." (

Recommended Active Meditations

Ecstatic Sex: Breathing Exercises for Heightened pleasure and Deeper Intimacy by Gay HendricksEcstatic Sex: Breathing Exercises for Heightened Pleasure and Deeper Intimacy
Gay Hendricks

Ecstatic Sex: Breathing Exercises for Heightened Pleasure and Deeper Intimacy offers a series of proven breathing and visualization exercises--some to practice alone, some with a partner--that gives listeners the opportunity to experience a new level of sexual bliss. Dr. Hendricks' research has shown that conscious breathing is essential to health and vitality. Now he guides listeners on "a new pathway to fulfillment for people who seek radical enhancement and deep healing of their sexuality." 2004, Sounds True

Osho Chakra Breathing Meditation by osho, Kamal, KaomaOsho Chakra Breathing Meditation
Osho, Kamal, Kaoma

Chakra Breathing Meditation can help you to become aware of and experience each of the seven chakras. This meditation is active and uses deep rapid breathing and body movement, accompanied by musical sounds to open and bring awareness and vitality to the chakras. Musical accompaniment by Kamal is stirring and soulful. 2000, New Earth Records

Osho Chakra Sounds Meditation by Osho, KaruneshOsho Chakra Sounds Meditation
Osho, Karunesh

Chakra Sounds Meditation works with vocal sounds created by the meditator together with music to open and harmonize the chakras, while bringing awareness to them. The meditation can lead you into a deep, peaceful, inner silence either through making your own vocal sounds or by just listening to and feeling the sounds within you. 2000, New Earth Records

Osho Dynamic Active Meditation by Osho, DueterOsho Dynamic Active Meditation
Osho, Deuter

Dynamic Active Meditation is a favorite active morning meditation. Unrelieved tensions and withheld emotions block the natural flow of energy in our bodies. This affects our ability to think and influences the ways in which we relate to others. Osho Active Meditations dissolve these blocks and permit us to become more natural and relaxed. This meditation includes the original sountrack personally transmitted by Osho to Chaitanya Hari(Deuter) during the early 70's. 2000, New Earth Records

Osho Gourishankar Meditation by Osho, DeuterOsho Gourishankar Meditation
Osho, Deuter

Gourishankar is one of Osho's active meditations; it includes a breathing technique, a witnessing time and a letting-go stage. There are four sections of 15 minutes each in this meditation. The first two sections prepare the meditator for the spontaneous Latihan (spiritual exercise bringing healing and illumination) of the third section. Osho has said that if breathing is done correctly in the first section, the carbon formed in the bloodstream will make the meditator as high as if on Gourishankar (Mt. Everest). This quiet technique is a beautiful evening meditation. 2003, New Earth Records

Osho Kundalini Meditation by Osho, DeuterOsho Kundalini Meditation
Osho, Deuter

Osho Kundalini Meditation has four stages of 15 minutes each, three with music and one without. In the first stage, the music is electrifying. The meditator is instructed to: "be loose and let your whole body shake, feeling energies moving up from your feet. Let go everywhere and become the shaking." The second stage: "Dance . . . any way you feel, and let the whole body move as it wishes." The third stage: "Close your eyes and be still, sitting or standing . . . witnessing whatever is happening inside and out." The fourth stage: "Keep your eyes closed, lie down and be still." Known as the "sister meditation" to Dynamic, this method is a gentle yet effective way to release all the accumulated stress of your day. It is great music and a great meditation! 2003, New Earth Records

Osho Mandala Meditation by Osho, DueterOsho Mandala Meditation
Osho, Deuter

The Mandala Meditation is another powerful, cathartic technique. There are four stages of 15 minutes each. Beginning with active movement and moving to centering the attention within the body, the meditator creates a circle of energy so that centering results naturally. 2003, New Earth Records

Osho Nadabrahma Meditation by Osho, DeuterOsho Nadabrahma Meditation
Osho, Deuter

Nadabrahma is an old Tibetan technique which was originally done in the early hours of the morning. This meditation lasts 1 hour and there are 3 stages. This meditation is an appealing one to do alone or with a partner. It is based on an old Tibetan technique of humming, which creates a beautiful vibration throughout the body, along with slow hand movements which center your energy at the navel. Soft Tibetan Bells and angelic soft music support the different phases of this process. This hour-long medition create an inner balance and stillness in the practitioner. 1992, New Earth Records

Osho Nataraj Meditation by Osho, DeuterOsho Nataraj Meditation
Osho, Deuter

Nataraj is dance as a total meditation. People who love to dance and to celebrate will like the music of this CD. Meditating with this music is the best work out you can get! "Dance 'til you fall in love" -- this is an easy and natural way to become deeply connected with yourself. This method has three stages, and lasts a total of sixty-five minutes. 1992, New Earth Records

Osho Whirling Meditation by DeuterOsho Whirling Meditation

Drawing upon an ancient Sufi technique, this active meditation practice uses whirling and witnessing. While the whole body is moving, the center remains silent and still. Sufi whirling is one of the most ancient techniques, as well as one of the most forceful. It is so deep that even a single experience can be transformative. Whirl with open eyes, just like small children go on twirling, as if your inner being has become a center and your whole body has become a wheel, moving, a potter's wheel, moving. You are in the center, but the whole body is moving. 2000, New Earth Records

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