Music for Ecstasy, Touch and Quiet Times

The CDs listed below are our favorites for lovemaking, massage, and sensual connection. Mostly of the world music genre, there's a wide range of moods reflected in the various tracks on these albums, from quietly contemplative to deep, slow erotic urgings. Check out the Amazon link for audio samples.

Recommended Music for Ecstasy, Touch and Quiet Times

Dorje Ling by David ParsonsDorje Ling
David Parsons

Dorje Ling is masterful, blessed with subtle grandeur and exuding a deeply reverent atmosphere. Tibetan influences are prominent, particularly on the twenty-minute title track. It opens with a sustained bass drone, the crystalline sound of Tibetan bells and other traditional percussion. You get the feeling that you're the invisible participant in some kind of traditional ceremony. And when the vocals of Buddhist monk Tenpin Wangdu first rise above the surface, only the harshest cynic would not to be moved. 1992, Fortuna Records

el-Hadra (the Mystik Dance) by Klaus Wieseel-Hadra (the Mystik Dance)
Klaus Wiese

El Hadra is a loop of hypnotic soundscape that subtly immerses the listener. The tempo is slightly below the normal human heartrate, so it naturally induces an almost trance-like state, and slows down the breathing. It is very soothing, but filled with musical sophistication and intrigue. An ideal accompaniment during a yoga practice, especially as the total CD time clocks in at just under an hour, giving time at the completion of the practice for a silent music-free savasana. 1997, Aquarius Int'l Music

The Eternal OM by Robert SlapThe Eternal OM
Robert Slap

The OM is all sound and silence through time, the roar of eternity and the essence of pure beings. It invokes the ALL that is otherwise inexpressible and it is the higher spiritual sound on earth. It is also, on this recording, very soothing, uplifting and spiritually inspiring -- ideal for meditation, massage, or as a background sound to deepen concentration. Using the latest in electronic technology, musician Robert Slap has synthesized various pitches from human voices, all intoning the OM together at the prescribed vibrations. In the background is the presence of a subliminal choir. 2010, Valley of the Sun Publishing

Language of Love: Music for the Kama Sutra by Craig PruessLanguage of Love: Music for the Kama Sutra
Craig Pruess

Many are the moods evoked on Language of Love: romantic, passionate, serene and sexual. Craig Pruess reflects on creating the album: The intention behind this CD is very simple: music specifically imagined, composed, performed and recorded to help create an environment for loving and heart-centered sex - lively and yet settled; attention on beauty and the universal connection of breath, sound and form; compassionate, giving and caring; fun, playful, light and uplifting; meditative and deep. 2004, Karuna

Luna by Gabrielle Roth and The MirrorsLuna
Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors

Woman, ceremony, and the allure of evening form the basis for this voluptuous and mysterious album. Nominated for an INDIE award, Gabrielle Roth's Luna weaves a seductive web of mystery that seems to come from an ancient time. The strong rhythmic foundation is spiced with riffs from violins, synthesizers, guitars, bass, harp and vocals. This is exotic, sensual, dreamy night music. 1994, Raven

Moonsung by Shiela ChandraMoonsung
Sheila Chandra

"I ride the waves of each deathly breath / Waiting to be awoken and born by your calling, sings Sheila Chandra on Moonsung's "Waiting," giving plain words to the actual experience of her remarkable genesis through both breath and sound. Whether locking into unaccompanied drone, melody based on Indian raga, or revisionist folk balladry, Chandra's mutable voice is an instrument like no other, channeling ancient past and prognostication at once. 2008, Real World

Music to Disappear In 1 by RaphaelMusic to Disappear in 1

Raphael's extremely popular Music to Disappear In introduced his signature blend of romantic piano, angelic vocals, synths and exotic world music. The album's first four pieces focus on the ethereal side of his music; the last four pieces become more earthy and sensuous, incorporating hand drums, bamboo flutes, harps and gypsy violins into trance dances. Sublime romance and earthy rhythms make the album's eight compositions truly unique. 1991, Hearts of Space

Ngaio Gamelan by David ParsonsNgaio Gamelan
David Parsons

David Parsons is one of the primary practitioners of electro-tribal atmospheres. He mixes deep world music sensitivity with strong electronic textures and timbres. Ngaio Gamelan is a hybrid sound world in which Parsons melds his electronic wizardry with Tibetan gamelan bells and other ethnic acoustics. The electronics create gentle atmospheres; the acoustic percussion instruments set the pace. The soundscapes are huge. Parsons performs at this level to convey his spiritual messages to his listeners. His sound design is psychoactive and shamanic. 1999, Celestial Harmonies

Niafunke by Ali Farka ToureNiafunke
Ali Farka Toure

Recorded in a Toure's home village in Mali, with a small group of singers and players, Niafunke is delightfully low-key and captivating. Beautifully picked acoustic guitar combines with shimmering electric guitar percussion, voices, and violin to weave the spacious, circular melodies that explore the common ground shared by the blues and African folk music. 1999, Hannibal

Refuge by Gabrielle Roth and The MirrorsRefuge
Gabrielle Roth and The Mirrors, Boris Grebenshikov

Perfect for spiritual meditation, massage, sacred dance and pure listening enjoyment, the ravishing ecstasy of this magical music will make your Buddha soul smile. Throughout this transcendent yet intimate recording, a delicious combination of rolling percussion, spicy ethnic instrumental accents, and dramatic pauses meld with deeply resonant chanting to express the exalted yearning of a displaced culture. Headphones are highly recommended to more fully enjoy the pure sounds of Taos drums, alto flute, viola, talking drum, trumpet, cello, atoke bell, congas, keyboards, rainstick and other instruments. 1998, Raven

Sensual Sensual by B-TribeSensual Sensual

Dramatic Flamenco guitar, ambient synthesizer tonalities, and moody, wordless vocals evoke a windswept plain, or the ocean at dusk, or the burning desert sun, or a thousand other tableaus of the imagination. It's music as mood. Mood as music. It's love and death and renewal and redemption. It's the aural atmosphere that will soon be providing the soundtrack to your life. It is B-Tribe. 1998, Atlantic / Wea

Shamanic Dream by AnugamaShamanic Dream

Shamanic Dream by Anugama is especially suitable for trance meditations. A relaxed heartbeat drum rhythm accompanied by the sacred mantra "So be it" draws the listener deep into the healing power of mother earth. Ethereal and mystical sounds on the second track "Chakra Journey" vitalize and harmonize the subtle energy centers of the body. Anugama uses the didgeridoo and a drum beat, along with the sounds of nature, and synchronization with certain brain wave patterns, to clear the emotions and help focus the mind and heart on these beautiful sounds. 2002, Open Sky Music

Talking Timbuktu by Ry Cooder and ali Farka ToureTalking Timbuktu
Ry Cooder, Ali Farka Toure

Guitarist Ali Farka Toure has repeatedly bridged the gap between traditional African and contemporary American vernacular music, and this release continues that tradition. The CD features him singing in 11 languages and playing acoustic and electric guitar, six-string banjo, njarka, and percussion, while teaming smartly with an all-star cast. Talking Timbuktu is an epic cross-cultural super-session that captures the deepest spirit of music and transports it across ethnic and stylistic boundaries without demeaning the gift-giver or the gift. Ali Farka Toure's blissful melodic lines do not adhere to traditional blues form, but rather suggest a kind of pre-blues music of African origins. 1994, Hannibal

Tantric Heart - Music for Lovers by ShastroTantric Heart-Music for Lovers

In Tantric Heart Shastro displays his ability to convey the qualities of magic and sensuality with his music. Silky grooves, magic melodies, tasteful arrangements and exotic eastern flavors make Tantric heart a perfect companion for special intimate moments. "This CD is a must-have for lovers. Heart opening, tender, slow but with a pulse." 2000, Malimba Records

Tantric Sexuality by LlewellynTantric Sexuality

The unique aspect of this album is the underlying steady beat... a single rhythm extending from beginning to end, and at a perfect pace for breathing meditation or tantric lovemaking. In fact, this album is so well crafted for those purposes that it's hard to imagine using anything else. Pre-dating most of the world's established religions, Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that leads the follower to a place of enlightenment. Designed to change the way listeners approach relationships and life, TANTRIC SEXUALITY is a lyrically energizing, heartful and relaxing album created by Llewellyn in conjunction with respected Tantra teacher Leora Lightwoman. 2000, New World Music

Wachuma's Wave by Byron MetcalfWachuma's Wave
Byron Metcalf

Wachuma's Wave is sacred music in the truest sense. It is a portal of travel, a soul retrieval, a ritual of deep time dreaming. Veteran trance percussionist Byron Metcalf teams up with German-based musician and shamanic practitioner Mark Seelig to bring forth a multi-textural blend of Bonsuri flutes, sacred chants and overtone singing, simmering percussion and other hybrid grooves, augmented by rich offerings of deep drift ambient synthesizer and didgeridoo. 2003, Spotted Peccary

The Weaving by DeneanThe Weaving

The Weaving is healing music for meditation and relaxation. Haunting and otherworldly, it showcases Denean's silken voice and musical talent. This is an album for those who want something more from their music, something which reflects the higher personal and spiritual values they have made a part of their lives. 2009, Woo Way Intuitive Healing Arts

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