Great Sex Education Videos

These are not the boring sex ed videos you may have seen in middle school!

These videos are about ecstatic sexuality, and are guides to help you explore and experience your erotic life to the fullest.

Watch Betty Dodson coach women as they learn to free their orgasmic responses; see Joseph Kramer's exciting approach to self-pleasuring as spirituality and meditation in Fire on the Mountain.

The Deliberate Orgasm series invites women and their partners to experience orgasm in more profound ways.

Dr. Jack Morin offers expert advice about anal sex and anal play.

Margot Anand, Charles and Caroline Muir and other teachers offer guidance about experiencing the world of Tantric sex and the Kama Sutra. Hearts Cracked Open is a groundbreaking lesbian tantra video.

Staci Haines' Healing Sex describes a process of healing from sexual abuse. Explore the mysteries of the G-Spot in Liquid Love. Fire on the Mountain also offers great insight into the possibilities of male ejaculatory control.

Other videos explore the challenges of loving one's own body (as it is!); the intricacies of male-female relationships; anal massage; vulva massage; and a gourmet approach to oral sex.

We'll continue to add new titles as they become available. These carefully selected videos are wonderful guides to the world of ecstatic, playful sex.

Recommended Sex Ed Videos

Anal Massage for Lovers (DVD) by Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.Anal Massage for Lovers (DVD)
Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

Four passionate couples (two female-male, one male-male, one female-female) show you how they use anal touch to expand pleasure, deepen intimacy, and build trust. Sex educators Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence introduce each of the four love-making scenes, sharing wisdom that can enhance your communication and lovemaking skills. The lovers offer practical advice in additional soundtracks and interview segments. 2006, Pacific Media

Ancient Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy (DVD)Ancient Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy (DVD)

Ancient Secrets offers ecstatic instruction in Tantric and sacred sexuality. This program will benefit both beginners and more advanced erotic practitioners. The DVD includes the following sections: The History of Tantra, The Temple of the Body, Ritual Lovemaking, The Wave of Bliss, Extending Sexual Orgasm, Ejaculation Control for Men, The Power of Breath, Freeing the Female Orgasm, The Chakras, Balancing Yin and Yang, Asanas of Tantra (positions of the Kama Sutra), Oral Lovemaking Techniques, and Advanced Sexual Enhancement Methods. 2006, Higher Love Video

Annie Sprinkle's Amazing World of Orgasm (DVD)Annie Sprinkle's Amazing World of Orgasm (DVD)

Dr. Annie Sprinkle is committed to bringing more pleasure into the world. She wants all of us to live orgasmic lives. In this DVD, Annie has gathered twenty-six sex experts to expand our understanding of orgasm. You will meet a chiropractor who explains the physiology of orgasm, a midwife who experienced orgasm while giving birth, a woman who has breath orgasms, a scientist who discovered four new categories of orgasm, a grieving widow whose husband had an orgasm as he died, a recovering Catholic who had spiritual orgasms, and a man who prefers a good laugh-gasm. You will learn about orgasms while in outer space, transsexual orgasms, faked orgasms, the big draw, the politics of orgasm and, of course, how to have bigger, better orgasms. 2007, Eurospirit

The Art of Orgasm for Men and Women: The Multi-Orgasmic Couple (2 DVDs) by Margo AnandThe Art of Orgasm for Men and Women: The Multi-Orgasmic Couple (2 DVDs)
Margot Anand

In this explicit two-DVD program on sexual pleasure for men and women Tantra teachers Kosha Deva and Sohini Genevieve offer step-by-step demonstrations of the methods used to attain the highest possible levels of sexual pleasure, deepening their intimate connection. The programs demonstrate detailed techniques for achieving easy and effective communication during lovemaking, ejaculation mastery for men, and deepening orgasmic pleasure for women. You will learn profound ways of connecting Heart and Sex to open the doors to deep intimacy. Commentary by Margot Anand. 2006, Pacific Media

Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual Growth Program for Women by Julia Heiman and Joseph LoPiccoloBecoming Orgasmic: A Sexual Growth Program for Women (VHS)
Julia Heiman
Mark Schoen (director)

Based on the book with the same name, this video uses detailed demonstrations designed to help anyone overcome the myriad of obstacles to complete sexual satisfaction. About women -- but aimed directly at both partners -- this video guides women into an appreciation of their own sexuality, while showing how partners can offer assistance and support in reaching orgasm.1993, Better Sex Video

The Best of Vulva Massage (DVD) by Joseph KramerThe Best of Vulva Massage (DVD)
Joseph Kramer

This anthology of erotic touch includes video clips from sex educators, tantra teachers, ecstatics, orgasm coaches and erotic bodyworkers. This stimulating collection offers the full spectrum of vulva touch: lovemaking with a partner, self-loving , ritual healing, genital therapy, sex coaching and good old fashioned pleasuring. The DVD includes more than two and a half hours of entirely new erotic teaching and commentary from Annie Sprinkle, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Carol Queen, Robert Lawrence, Jwala and Deborah Sundahl. 2007, The New School of Erotic Touch

The Better Sex Guide to Anal Pleasure (DVD) by Dr. Jack MorinThe Better Sex Guide to Anal Pleasure (DVD)
Dr. Jack Morin

Stimulation of this erogenous area can produce explosive orgasms for both men and women; an orgasm from prostate stimulation can be the most intense a man can have. See explicit demonstrations of anal sex techniques by real couples, using specially designed anal toys and lubricants! Dr. Jack Morin, the world's foremost authority on anal health and pleasure, explains the physiology of anal stimulation, dispels myths, and discusses the role of proper preparation in achieving anal pleasure. 2003, Sinclair Institute

Celebrating Orgasm - Women's Private Self-Loving Sessions (DVD) by Betty DodsonCelebrating Orgasm - Women's Private Self-Loving Sessions (DVD)
Betty Dodson

In Celebrating Orgasm, Betty Dodson coaches the viewer using her pioneering style of female masturbation coaching. With five different women, she creates a space of trust, encouraging each woman to experience and celebrate her body and her orgasms. Betty offers a combination of basic vulva anatomy, pelvic floor exercises, masturbation techniques, and breathing rhythms to maximize pleasure. 2005, Betty Dodson

Deliberate Orgasm - Expanding Female Orgasm Volume I (DVD)Deliberate Orgasm - Expanding Female Orgasm Volume I (DVD)

Deliberate Orgasm I shows a man stimulating a woman from a place of low arousal to a heightened state of orgasm through manual stimulation of the clitoris. It was shot in one continuous take in front of a live audience. Topics such as the clitoris and how to touch it for the maximum amount of pleasure, superior orgasm, the technique of creating "deliberate orgasms", the technique of peaking, extended orgasm, and the G-Spot are discussed in a question/answer format between students and The Welcomed Consensus. 2005, Welcomed Consensus Productions

Deliberate Orgasm II: The Technique of Peaking and Extended Orgasm (DVD)Deliberate Orgasm II: The Technique of Peaking and Extended Orgasm (DVD)

Extended orgasm is available with unlimited potential through the technique of Peaking. In the context of DOing -- Deliberate Orgasm --the Welcomed Consensus demonstrates ways to build progressively higher and more intense orgasmic peaks. Signs of orgasm in a woman's body, tension and relaxation, dome shaped orgasm, the idea of control by agreement, and what a man feels while DOing a woman are illustrated. Vivid changes occur in Francoise's body as RJ manually stimulates her clitoris. Close-up shots of her genitals in orgasm contracting, engorging, and changing over time as well as the techniques he uses to peak her are shown. 2006, Welcomed Consensus Productions

Evolutionary Masturbation (DVD) by Joseph KramerEvolutionary Masturbation (DVD)
Joseph Kramer

What part of the male anatomy gets the most touch with the least creativity? Four erotically-gifted men share with you their ecstatic self loving. The premise of this course is that changing how you masturbate can transform your whole life. Evolutionary Masturbation invites you to practice more than twenty innovative masturbation strokes that awaken self-love, creativity and boundless pleasure. The teaching also explores penis reflexology, self-massage, erotic breathing rhythms and prolonging orgasm. 2004, Pacific Media

Female Masturbation Collection: Every Woman's Orgasm is Unique, Clitoris, Pleasures of a Woman in Orgasm (4 DVDs) by The Welcomed ConsensusFemale Masturbation Collection: Every Woman's Orgasm is Unique, Clitoris, Pleasures of a Woman in Orgasm (4 DVDs)
The Welcomed Consensus

In this 4 DVD collection the viewer will see extraordinary uncut footage of women experiencing orgasm, going from a low state of arousal to a heightened, extended orgasm. Female Masturbation offers many close-up shots of genitalia showing stroking of the clitoris, stages of engorgement, color changes, and other signs of orgasm. Observe a student of The Welcomed Consensus slowly building an orgasm in her body that increases in sensation over time, building to a place of vivid intensity. Experience the intimacies of a woman's self pleasuring, including close-up visuals of her genitalia in orgasm, and stroking techniques that create a palpable rich banquet of sensation. Learn about the clitoris, which has the highest concentration of nerve endings in the body -- its sole function is to feel pleasure. This video collection uniquely demonstrates masturbation as the pleasure always available at your fingertips. 2005, Welcomed Consensus

Fire on the Mountain: Male Genital Massage (DVD) by Joseph KramerFire on the Mountain: Male Genital Massage (DVD)
Joseph Kramer

In this instructional DVD, Joseph Kramer Ph.D. teaches the joys of giving and receiving a Taoist Erotic Massage, a form of erotic touch that often leads to a spiritual and transformative full-bodied orgasm. Good Vibrations says: "Treat your favorite penis to the ultimate hand-job, courtesy of the detailed live action instructions. Two male lovers demonstrate 25 different strokes on each other. Male and female viewers alike will be inspired to try them all." 2007, Joseph Kramer Productions

Healing Sex: The Complete Guide to Sexual Wholeness (DVD) by Staci HainesHealing Sex: The Complete Guide to Sexual Wholeness (DVD)
Staci Haines

Healing Sex follows a diverse cast of women and men healing from past sexual abuse. We witness their path to a more pleasurable and healthy sex life as they struggle to find peace, healing, and real intimacy. This movie enables you to work out the normal, post-traumatic survival reactions-fight, flight and freeze-that may affect your ongoing sexual relationships, and walks you step by step through a holistic path to healing. You will learn how to be present during sex; how to experience pleasure and safety at the same time; how to re-learn boundaries, consent, and mutual connection; and how to define your sexual pleasures based upon what you enjoy and desire - not on your past hurts.

Hearts Cracked Open: Tantra for Women Who Love Women (DVD)Hearts Cracked Open: Tantra for Women Who Love Women (DVD)

Hearts Cracked Open provides the first in-depth look inside the world of lesbian Tantra with its ancient ecstatic practices and sexual techniques. Through interviews with Tantra teachers and students, workshop footage, and daily practices, Hearts Cracked Open celebrates sexuality and coupling in the lesbian community. Witness the transformative power of Tantra to crack open the heart as women reclaim the fullness of their sensual beings. Includes education with Annie Sprinkle, Pamela Madison, Marcia Singer, and Evalena Rose. 2006, Itchy Bee Productions

Incredible Orgasms (DVD) by Dr. Linda BannerIncredible Orgasms (DVD)
Dr. Linda Banner

Incredible Orgasms uses real life couples to demonstrate in explicit detail the best orgasm techniques. In 10 mood-inspiring segments, witness the power of the clitoris, discover sex positions that can send your partner to pleasure paradise, vibrators that quicken climax, tricks to make each other last longer, ways to orgasm together, plus tips on how to read your lover's climax meter. Learn about the secret spot that's almost certain to trigger explosive, tremendous delight in women. Take your climax to a new level and enjoy the deeper intimacy it creates! 2003, Sinclair Institute

Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions: A Tantric Vision of Love (DVD)Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions: A Tantric Vision of Love (DVD)

Here are the best sexual positions from Kama Sutra, Ananga-Ranga, The Perfumed Garden, and Ishimpo revealing the beauty and the passion of the Ancient Lover. A live couple demonstrates the positions while accompanied by an East Indian dancer with musicians and African dancers with drummers. Together they orchestrate a tantric vision of love. 2002, Secret Garden Publishing 

Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion (DVD)Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion (DVD)

This film forges a new framework for understanding the female orgasm. With unbridled audacity, the women of Liquid Love celebrate the symphony of desire, abandon and rapture as they gush forth their "primal liquid gold." Complete with expert analysis from Dr. Carol Queen of Good Vibrations, and Deborah Sundahl, g-spot expert; and ravishing tales of explosive orgasms by the ejaculating women on the film, this presentation weaves a rich tapestry of sizzling eroticism, intellect and explosive female ejaculations. 2006, Glamour Television

Modern Kama Sutra 3 DVD gift set by Dr. Patti BrittonModern Kama Sutra 3 DVD & 3 CD GIFT SET
Dr. Patti Britton

This multi-DVD set combines demonstrations by attractive real life couples and expert commentary by Dr. Patti Britton. Learn how to expand your pleasure by using all five senses during sex; practice body caress and the art of kissing; enjoy oral pleasures; and explore the variety of sexual positions that can enhance your pleasure and deepen your enjoyment of lovemaking. 2005, Alexander Institute

Orgasmic Women: 13 Selfloving Divas (DVD) by Betty DodsonOrgasmic Women: 13 Selfloving Divas (DVD)
Betty Dodson

These brave divas range from age 21 to 48. They talk about how they first discovered masturbation, how frequently they masturbate today, how important their selfloving is to them, the length of time they take and how masturbation affects their partnersex. They all have an orgasm using their current techniques that include a range of manual and vibrator clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal penetration using a variety of sex toys. 2006, Image at Betty Dodson

Secret Keys to the Ultimate Love Live by Margot AnandSecret Keys to the Ultimate Love Life (3-DVD Set)
Margot Anand

Margot Anand's Secret Keys to the Ultimate Love Life offers life-changing tools and techniques presented in an interactive formal, so you can study in any sequence and at your own pace. Each key is demonstrated by real-life tantric couples and singles. These practices are equally appropriate for same-sex or opposite-sex couples. Margot's proven, practical approach to greater love, sexuality and intimacy can take you to a state of heartfelt and expanded bliss. This three-DVD set in a slipcase contains: Disc One - Opening Your Secret Love Channel; Disc Two - The Art of Erotic Devotion; Disc Three - Expanding From Orgasm to Ecstasy. A lifetime in the making, Secret Keys presents a step-by-step progression through the teachings of Margot Anand, best-selling author and world-renowned Tantra expert.

Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy (DVD) by Charles and Caroline MuirSecrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy (DVD)
Charles and Caroline Muir

This educational, erotic and visually stunning DVD from Charles and Caroline Muir will show you ways to more intimacy, passion and emotional connection. Explicit, yet not X-rated, sexual loving is depicted with an innocence, beauty and wisdom that transforms sex into a new art form for the 21st century, with clear instruction to awaken and release unlimited orgasmic energy. In this DVD you will learn secrets of erotic kissing and touch; facts about male ejaculatory choice, a key to creating maximum lovemaking health, creativity and power; detailed instruction of G-spot massage; and female ejaculation. 2006, Pacific Media

Sexplorations 3 DVDs + FREE Music CD by Mark SchoenSexplorations 3 DVDs + FREE Music CD
Mark Schoen

The Better Sex Video Series' real couples and sexuality experts take you on an erotic, three-volume journey to enhanced intimacy. Gain confidence in open communication with your partner, overcome inhibitions and misconceptions about better sex, learn how to introduce an adult sex toy into your play time. Explicit demonstrations show techniques to heighten your sexual pleasure and increase intimacy. 2005, Sinclair Institute

Sexual Fitness: A Workout for Lovers - a DVD from the Alexander InstituteSexual Fitness: A Workout for Lovers (DVD)

A workout for lovers, from the Alexander Institute's Loving Sex series, ranked "Best" by Men's Health Magazine. Sex and fitness are related. See how to exercise the right muscles to develop flexibility and endurance for enhanced intimacy and sexual pleasure. Learn which muscle groups to strengthen for specific sexual positions. Three attractive couples demonstrate how you and your partner can exercise together in this easy to follow erotic workout. 2002, Alexander Institute

Tantra Sex Step by Step DVDTantra Sex Step By Step: 28 Days to Ecstasy DVD
Pala Copeland and Al Link

Learn the art of Tantric loving at home, at your own pace, with this DVD and eBook program. Tantra Sex Step By Step includes a detailed 28 day plan with step by step instructions for simple, fun to do practices that will strengthen your relationship and intensify your sexual/spiritual connection. This video home study course is designed for lovers who are very busy. Tantra is a practical approach to intimacy that can have a profound impact on your life, without requiring a great deal of extra time. The exercises are quite short, on average you'll spend no more than 20 minutes per day on your sacred loving practice. Once per week there are longer lovemaking periods in which you reap great delights from the skills you've been learning! 2010, 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra

Viva La Vulva: Women's Sex Organs Revealed (DVD) by Betty DodsonViva La Vulva: Women's Sex Organs Revealed (VHS)
Betty Dodson

Join Betty and ten other women to celebrate 25 years of her pioneering work to reveal the beauty of women's genitals. Observe this group of courageous women, ages 25 to 68, gathered to honor women's sex organs with intimate images of their own vulvas. Hear women speak about the relationship they have with their genitals. Follow along as Betty guides the women through her ten suggested steps for genital self-massage. Become part of this joyful group in applauding the diversity of Mother Nature's most exquisite work of art, the divine vulva. 2007, Betty Dodson

What Men and Women Want (4 DVD Set)What Men & Women Want (4 DVD Set)

Sexually experienced women reveal what's attractive in a man and what they really want in their sex lives. Attractive couples show how to fulfill women's most intimate desires. Women describe their sexual likes and dislikes - how they want to be touched and what is most important to them in bed. Men show and tell their sexual wishes in bed and beyond. Real couples demonstrate techniques to enhance their sex lives: giving and receiving oral sex; dominance and submission; fantasy role playing; sex in the outdoors and other unusual places; and how to seduce and be seduced. 2002, Alexander Institute

Zen Pussy: Meditation on Eleven Vulvas (DVD) by Annie SprinkleZen Pussy: Meditation on Eleven Vulvas (DVD)
Annie Sprinkle

Every vulva is an entire erotic universe waiting to be explored. This unique DVD from Annie Sprinkle and Joseph Kramer artfully presents extreme close-ups of eleven of their erotically gifted friends. Contemplating vulva can stimulate creativity, access ancient wisdom, dispel shame, bring about enlightenment and arouse plenty of good, old-fashioned pleasure. Look into each mons mandala as you would a crystal ball or flames in the fireplace. Welcome visions, reflections, memories, feelings and questions. Zen Pussy has been featured in over twenty international film festivals. 2004, Pacific Media

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