Sexual Self Help

Everything a young person needs to know to be a successful adult in our culture is presented to her by parents, teachers, extended family, and other concerned adults. Young people learn to read, add and subtract, drive, be a friend, and hold down a job -- with guidance and mentoring from the adults in their lives. There is a gaping hole in our culture's preparation of its young people to be successful in their sexual lives and relationships. Young adults are, quite literally, fumbling in the dark on that one.

Since sexual behavior in humans is learned and not instinctual as in most animals, how are we to learn how to be caring and thoughtful lovers? Most of us figure out the mechanics early on, based on crowdsourced input gained in locker rooms and schoolyards. But learning how to show abiding sexual love and friendship, and avoid painful missteps and dead ends, is another matter.

That's where these excellent books come in, with expert advice, accurate information, and compassion for all.

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