The Quantum Light Breath Meditation by Jeru Kabbal

The Quantum Light Breath was created by the late mystic Jeru Kabbal (1930-2000) who used the approach in his teachings and workshops all over the world. He was greatly influenced by Vipassana, an ancient form of meditation where one sits in stillness and silence for long periods. Kabbal realized that when elements of Vipassana were combined with deep rhythmic breathing and conscious awareness of the breath, it could bring a participant into the deep state of relaxed openness without having to sit in silent meditation for hours a day. Kabbal used verbal instruction along with evocative music to encourage an experience of the mystery of true presence.

"The Quantum Light Breath is the most efficient process I have encountered to cleanse the soul and inspire creativity. I highly recommend it as a daily meditation." ~ Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and creator of Skydancing Tantra.

The Quantum Light Breath by Jeru KabbalFree Quantum Light Breath by Jeru Kabbal in MP3 format can be obtained here.

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