Chakra Meditation

These guided meditations utilize the breath to engage and gently open the chakras, the energy vortices located in the body on the centerline running from groin to the crown of the head.

When the chakras are opened erotic energy freely flows and circulates throughout the body. Your whole person is enlivened and open to deep engagement with your lover.

Recommended Chakra Meditations

Osho Chakra Breathing Meditation by osho, Kamal, KaomaOsho Chakra Breathing Meditation
Osho, Kamal, Kaoma

Chakra Breathing Meditation can help you to become aware of and experience each of the seven chakras. This meditation is active and uses deep rapid breathing and body movement, accompanied by musical sounds to open and bring awareness and vitality to the chakras. Musical accompaniment by Kamal is stirring and soulful. 2000, New Earth Records

Chakra Breathing Meditations: Guided Practices to Unify Body, Breath, and Mind by Layne RedmondChakra Breathing Meditations: Guided Practices to Unify Body, Breath, and Mind
Layne Redmond

According to early yogic teachings, your breath is a direct means of unifying and purifying consciousness. On Chakra Breathing Meditations, Layne Redmond shows listeners how to tap into this ancient technology through simple breathing practices combined with movement and music. This new home-practice program includes: yogic breathing to achieve an expanded state of awareness, seated meditations to activate each of the seven chakras, and a walking and breathing meditation accompanied by spirited drums and music, and more. 2006, Sounds True

Osho Chakra Sounds Meditation by Osho, KaruneshOsho Chakra Sounds Meditation
Osho, Karunesh

Chakra Sounds Meditation works with vocal sounds created by the meditator together with music to open and harmonize the chakras, while bringing awareness to them. The meditation can lead you into a deep, peaceful, inner silence either through making your own vocal sounds or by just listening to and feeling the sounds within you. 2000, New Earth Records

Chanting the Chakras: Roots of Awakening by Layne RedmondChanting the Chakras: Roots of Awakening
Layne Redmond

In India's nada yoga (sound yoga)tradition, sacred music has been revered for centuries for its power to attune and balance our physical, mental, and spiritual energies. Chanting the Chakras combines trance drumming with authentic yogic chant to retune the body's seven vital energy centers and encourage inner awareness. Chant along - or simply listen - whenever you need to rejuvenate and center yourself. Includes a 24-page booklet with diagrams and full explanations of the chants, and a description of the history of meditation practice and current scientific understanding of how music and drumming affect our minds and bodies. 2001, Sounds True

Heart Chakra Meditations by Layne RedmondHeart Chakra Meditations
Layne Redmond

The transcendental, humming pulse of consciousness can be heard in the center of the fourth chakra: the human body's heart center. As this chakra is balanced and energized, faith, devotion, and harmony in our relationships unfold. Here, world renowned drummer and author Layne Redmond offers Chakra Meditations: Opening the Heart -- two CDs specially recorded to purify the heart chakra, and fine-tune our receptivity for love at the core of our entire being. 2005, Sounds True

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